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TAG Introduction to get started

Owen Davies from Saracens gets a TAG session moving quickly and straight into a simple game where each individual tries to collect as many TAG belts as possible

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My name is Joanne Davis and I'm the community Sports manager at Sarah's working specifically with in the foundation. On your feet. Let's see those dancing feet. Okay spread out spread out. So today we're working with a group from Brazil of 11 year olds to 12 year olds coming down and just giving them a flavor a kind of rugby kind of working with a few games playing on the pitch the guys are now playing on training ready for the match on Sunday. So alongside it and it's quite special kind of Moment release. It doesn't really happen after two one. Tuck tuck five four three, two one and you come and you can't. Okay. What is well done in Portuguese Montalban Montalban?