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STG - Chaos

Another great game for developing spacial awareness and decision-making. The three key factors are: - Movement off the ball - Vision - Communication

Video Subtitles

We're gonna have a game of chaos. Can everyone see the four boxes or everyone just come this way a little bit more come my sweet little bit more everyone see the four boxes. We've got one yellow one ever looked that way, please one red one one white one and one green one. So we're going to be into teams and the when you receive the ball, you can't move you gotta pass into someone who can move already. Yeah, she got a pass into the into the box if you get into the box with someone in there, they catch it receive it. They get you get one point then you can move it again. All right, if I see if I hear a lot of you here lost ball. All right, I'm just gonna throw a ball in the air. Next person is going to grab it. Okay, and I want the other one. Anyway, don't understand. Okay. Function space monster space flights and space Ready Steady. Yeah, let's go. Don't run with it. Turn over Red Bull possible. Yeah. Well one-nil Reds keep moving. Keep moving the ball move the ball somewhere else. Now I can't go in the same box twice. Blues ball, let's go. Oh, come on. Let's go red. So let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Now, where's the space getting some space bees guys one. Let's go. Let's go. Oh, Jen Ava is not an I know you moved your move pass pass pass. Choose a different box. What near where one all sorry 100 once you get the ball over fine Reds get the ball. Guys just start there if there's someone being blocked on that that box, is there a good shot chance of us getting together point there know how we ever boxes. Are there three. That's look for a bit over opportunities ready. Let's play. Not know that not that not they're ready. Yeah, let's go who's in that box? Somebody's getting that box for you short flat passes. Well done to one to read.