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A familiar playground game which gets young players used to using tags, or just to promote evasion, footwork and spacial awareness.

Video Subtitles

So we're going to have one from each team. So one red one red hands up who was be one. Okay one here. Just come over here one blue and it was to be a blue tiger on come on come inside from the side. Okay. So what's going to happen? It's not these guys. Listen up. All right, these two parts of your tags. All right, these are going to be the tagger start off with going to try and get your tags. All right, then. I'm going to find out how many they've got them already but ever understand. Okay, so tag us come over this end could only think of this end Ready Steady go move around move around move around. Let's go footwork footwork footwork. Good tag. Well done. Super tagging. Well done. Keep getting tags. Kick heading tags can get in tags. Sagging so I can check him. Keep moving keep moving around trying to get some more tags. Let's get it. Let's get it. Let's get it. Get some more tags. Who else is there? Oh close. Come on get him get him get him get him. Get them all get all them tags. Oh good effort. Yeah. Yeah. Great tag. Well done super work. Well done because you run past me. Yeah going keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Good work. Well done. Okay, stop there stop there.