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Colour Touch

In this game, defenders in coloured bibs are called back to touch their try line, creating space and opportunities for the attack to exploit.

Video Subtitles

Now this is called color touch so color touch when you're touched when you make a touch you go down on one knee. It's the same rules. Okay, you've got one second to offload the ball, but when I call blues and I called blue pink the blue Pink's have to run back to the try line. If I call red pink red pink, I gotta run back to the try line and the attacker still attack. So when the red so if the reds are attacking and I've called the Blue Pink's back, where's the opportunity going to be? Well, they were okay right. Here we go. Red's at the top. If I call Blue if I call blue pink you come back. Okay, are we ready? touched touch blue pink blue pink back ago. Hey, hey. nice cool blue bull no school Blue bull play play if you touch to go on one knee if it starts going one knee carry on Blues carry on carry on red pink back ego red pink back ago. Okay, Rach, you're playing good score Reds play Let's Play blue pink blue pink dough Rich. Go Reds put on red Scurry on. Great hands. Okay, bring it in on the jog. So how many opportunities to be had there? Right. Okay, really Goodfellas right over we come.