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Get in Close - Boxers Hands

Exercises aimed at getting players to get close in before making tackles.

Video Subtitles

One of the things with tackling is we've got to make sure we get in close Okay, so over you come if you were attacking me. Okay, if I come in really quickly with big long strides and you step you're going to step me and I'll miss you or I'll fling an arm out and it'll be an arm tackle. What do we tackle with shoulders? Okay, so we tackle. So what we want what we look to try and do should we try and get in close or try and tackle from further away? How what should we do? Close Okay, so we want to get in close. Should I have big strides or smaller steps? So we're looking at small steps the closer we get to our opponent smaller steps getting in close. Okay. Now there's a technical point which we call a sort of boxes position. So we have our hands here not fists hands okay in tight so we get in tight here and Looking in to get our shoulders in. Okay. So what we're going to do Post together my right arms up so both boxes position, so that that's town. You know, he grabbed each other on your knees now going to grab each other first both in grab your going to try and get to your knees. You're going to hold him up get closer. Right stop there. You didn't get in got to get in get in tight. Stand up. Get the grab in first UK got a both grab each other. Good good stuff. Okay, we're not ready on my whistle get in tight. Get in tight. And again, drop it over drop it over get in tight. Get in tight. You gotta get you gripping. You just using your hands. Okay, I will come bring it in fellas.