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Pitch set up & whole part whole

An example of how to lay out your pitch before starting a whole-part-whole style session. An area devoted to games, with smaller sections surrounding it for the various drills.

Video Subtitles

So what I've done here is I've set up some unit exercises the substations here that's blocks of four. It's a pad exercise going to go into there's a handling exercise here and then out here. I've set up a small pitch the pitch is where we'll put to all the games in place the games here. There's an outline square and then there are some smaller squares because the first game we're going to play is a rugby network type going with four different goals, which is what the colors are. So there's white here green. They're yellow they're red here. So the idea of today is to move in and out of some skills and Technical exercises. Just two or three minutes very cold day into some games back out again. So it's a very much a whole part whole process this morning, okay.