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Tackling - Hook & Grip For Safety

The "Hook & Grip" element in the tackle creates strong & effective contact with your opponent which enables accurate tackling. A strong grip (Ring of Steel), is the precursor to a dominant tackle and this skill is crucial for all players. The practises in this video are excellent for players who may lack confidence or where you have a variety of competence among your squad

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The focus of tonight's session is the tackle technique and the coaches have all been inside. We've had a 20 minute discussion about what are the key areas of the tackle. So once you've got yourself close in good footwork good body position. It's then about making hooking in. Okay getting a good grip a tight grip getting that ring of Steel and then executing some good contacts and driving through the tackle who's gonna lift them up. Go on battle battle battle battle battle good work good work as you come over get into pairs. You want to find someone about the same size as you again guys, if we're thinking about footwork, let's think about triangles. Okay. So one foot forward one foot back. Yeah, okay shoulders up chest out folks of stunts. Okay, one of the things discussed was to regress rather than progress with a lot of the key competencies You've Lost Your stance again triangle sign me up Nathan. That's good. Good stance good tackle stance. Okay, good body position. Okay shoulders back a bit Simon Samuel up a bit. Okay, so you've got good stance. You got a good connection with a ground. What we're going to move on to is ring a steal. Okay, so come up a little bit. What we're going to do is when I say go I want you to grab Nathan and Nathan to grab you. All right go. Okay. Alright. So what we've got is we've got hook grab. So in the tackle situation, I'm talking right right hook left grab pull it. Okay. Release release. Okay. Same again. Get your good strong position boxer's stance. Don't go too far apart of the way the hits have come in a bit Samuel. Okay. So when I say go I want you to grab grab. Okay, that's good. Like guys get in your pairs when I say go get a grab on so it's hook grab go. That's good. Okay on the guy this Breakaway Breakaway go. break Go okay. Everybody come in everybody come in. Right? Well I'm going to challenge you to do is when I say go you're going to get your hook and you grab pull in and try and lift the opposition off the ground here and the tip the person the person that wins is the person who gets the other person off the ground. Okay, so it's really important hook grab Ring Of Steel get them off the ground. Let's go go. Okay. Stop. Try again. Try again. Let's go once more once more. Are you ready? Okay, it's good. Come in come in come in come in come in. Okay guy, who's who was the six successful? Okay why we are successful. Okay, guys, what's really important in this as you hook grab when you pull as hard as you can you straighten them up nice and low then use your foot position to get them off the ground. Okay, so get your body and get your shoulder in grab hook pull lift. Why don't we should dump them? Just get them off the ground. Okay, lift them up then put them down once I'm down put them down, too. Okay, guys come in come in come in right guys. We're gonna move that into a game right the game. We're going to play on the pitch, right if you make a touch the ball carrier and the person touched was go down and face each other. Head to Head then I'll shout go up on your feet make a tackle. Okay. So footwork bring a steel knock them over go but roll away from the ball park pass pass tackle tackle. Go what you've seen out there is a game where we've taken some of the skills that we've worked in isolation. We've implemented into a game one of the things that some players struggle with especially when you're introducing contact into game scenarios is is the velocity and the mismatches. So in order to create a Level Playing Field, what we've done is we get the players to hit the deck. So one has the ball one doesn't have the ball the con the coaches go they get up and they can Implement a tackle what it's done. It's means that it takes away all the pace and the velocity from the the ball carrier and it enables the tackler, even if they might be half the size of the ball carrier to practice good technique without worrying about getting injured getting hurt. As you can see there's probably too many per side. So what we would recommend moving forwards was the you actually break that down so that you maybe have four five six aside have a couple of game areas. You have a coach with each with each game so that actually these players get more time on the ball individually and they get more time to practice the techniques that you're looking at. If you've got 12:15 aside, it can be gets it can become a bit of a mess. So what we recommend again is the small sided games, which is very much what the national governing body recommends as well. You tell me what you think contributes to a successful tackle. Yeah. That's really good.