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Turn and React - Head Position Skill

Another progression focused on getting heads in the right position. This time, the tackler has to think quickly and make up what ground they can before making the tackle.

Video Subtitles

When I say go you've got to turn around and then make a decision on which way is going so back on the line. I'm going to choose which cones you go to. Okay, when I say go. All right, since I say go you turn around go. Good back up quickly go good and again. Good. Okay. So here we come why am I making why we're doing that next really important about that getting your head in the right position. Okay, because as coaches and as teachers, we can't allow you to move on to proper tackling until we're comfortable you can get your heads in the right position. Okay, because tackling is a really important part of the game and we've got to get that right? Okay right back into a game drop everything over we go.