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360 Games - Any Direction Attack

A warm up or starting 360 game where players can attack in any direction. This game is the basis to for coaches to then add numerous conditions based upon the focus of the session

Video Subtitles

The idea what we're looking at is looking at three things in attack. We're looking at roll the ball carrier in terms of taking on Defenders and trying to pull them onto them. All right, we're going to look at the role of the support core support played initially just follow the ball carrier and give him some options be there for the contact situation and then thirdly the role of the wide support play to be in a position to move into wider space. So when the ball comes out you ready to go on to bolt Pace, that's all right, when you put the ball in your hand, you can run and pass the ball in any direction. Okay. The only rules are is the ball cannot be stationary. Okay, so it can't just be in your hand. Either can be running a moving it as you play in. You can be passing it around your body. You can be thrown it to someone tossing it up in the air whatever you like, but the ball must keep moving while it's in your hands. Okay, is everyone happy with that the rest of the time it's it's the only way we can generate a turnover as if you stood still with it or if it gets intercepted thrown on the floor or thrown off the pitch. Pick it up. Pick it up. Pick it up. That's the score. Well don't judge but to 10 meters by 2 meters. I don't f*** sake good work. That's the Scott. That's a scar off we go. my life Score score score well done. So in terms of this being a Team game how well are we playing as a team? Why not? Yeah, there's no chat really. So what are we doing? Well, though I can runs out we put me away from ball coach. Okay, good. Yeah, so we've got support place in and away from the ball carrier. That is good. And what are our ball carries doing? That's good running at Defenders. But what's often happening to our ball carriers? Yeah, they do get isolated. So we get something that was a little bit like this. So I'm running forward foxy and Henry and because no one said anything to me they've got hands on me and they all around me before and then Mike. Alright, I've got stuck. Let me have a look and then I could deliver a past. So we start off with real good Pace in our attack. We slowed right down and then we try and build up the speed of the attack again. Okay. So what I want is to try and do to change a quick quick quick quick quick. Okay. So how will we going to maintain that quickness? Okay good. So you need to move yourself into a space it's away from the Defenders. Try and keep the place simple. That's a good point. What about in terms of feeding information into that ball? Carrier went? Yeah where you want the ball? Yeah good. Do I have to run into foxy and Henry before I pass the ball now that is fine playing along here. And I've got Tom all the way over there in the matter space time running while he's talking to Danny space left and he tells me that early I can give it before. I've only got anywhere near it. So we're going to sit we're going to kind of assess a success at the end of the next block by how well I try skating from quick quick quick quick. Okay, because what we've got at the minute, it's QuickStart static slow down quick again to score happy with that go. Good work. Good work. Okay. Good scar good work you two on the edge quickly quick quick quick we were looking for on. How did we do it that quite well, okay. So I was I couldn't what was our kind of consistency of it like yeah. Okay good and what and when it was good. They run into space in the communicated really what happened when it when it's slow down. Why did that happen? Yeah good. Yeah, so all it was happening very late. So we didn't read the play. So if you see me running forward again here with the ball. All right, and I'm running to this group of guys, you know that I'm not going through that and I'm going to need to pass when we did it really well as I was running for which we want to say Danny wide, right and then give it before the touch. But when we did it Paul where you'd wait till I get here and then you'd release so we call that perception of the game again understanding and perception of what's going to go on. Okay, so we want to be protective and rather than being reactive to what happens. That makes sense. So I'm going to try and play we're gonna play You gain is going to keep working on that little thing. I'm going to work on three strands are going to work on the role of the ball carrier to try and manipulate Defenders and pulling onto them. We're going to work on the role of this core support player in the role of the wide support play. So this is how the game is going to work.