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Attacking with simple systems

Sale Sharks full-back Rob Miller takes junior academy players through some attacking systems and highlights some of the key points to improve accuracy.

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Yeah, lovely. Great ball great ball. Nice good link on the end. Nice to Salt. Hold on and hold on then good in we come chugging we got some mix of under-17s and under-16s here tonight. It's what we call a transition group that will make up the majority of the under-18 squad going into the league campaign next season and that's a that's a detail. We need once everyone knows that sweet. Let's run the plate and you know, what lines you going on? Okay, if you don't know, okay, you've got to ask before we start going don't just think I'm not really sure what's going on. I'll just get on a line and hope it's right because that's when that's when things get messed up. Okay. So listen initially listen for the call. Okay from the ball carrier. Okay. No, you're all know who's going where inside and outside of it and then run with purpose. Okay, so go back into that now just really lift that chat nice and loud but be specific. Okay, most of skill-based and individual stuff and and any sort of little skills and drills that we can help them with. Yeah flatterfit light Stefan's cut the runner. Yeah a nice. Hold your feet. Good. Yeah a nice good much better. Well done. Yeah good like it. Yeah great shape. Okay, just play through playthrough. Let's get the accuracy up hands up early push that inside hand through. Let's go. Yeah, nice good. Well done. We're gonna go back into that. Okay, but the guys in yellow are going to be three Defenders and you always going to defend so obviously you'll defend a group from this way turn around you defend a group from that way to get certain defense before you bring the group. Okay, so, okay, I'll see we've got now defenders in and these guys from it on to mix the spaces my as one might step on line one. Okay, so run the play. Okay then Communications go go even higher if you're on the line, if you're on that line, so say open on The High Line a few he's setting use that's a defense on here called Bank time on the bank is there to space on the hard line on either the other little short ball of the Contours is called bang. Okay, we can go to the whole foot the whole off we go good. Great line lovely. Great line. Well done. Good line. Yeah to the ball through. Yeah good Hunter on use it we tried to get in a few of the first team players to work with the with the guys. Good night, the game is you know, it's still whatever Edge could be playing at this is still pretty simple have got off the core skills and and where the coming here into an environment, you know, it's just putting putting those core skills under a little bit more pressure with loads of sort of similar age of similar ability taking them out of the school and Club environment where they'll probably be the sort of stronger players putting them together and see how they react together and which go sort of stand out in terms of the communication and just real simple sort of skill-based drills, which we've been doing for over the over the program and and getting them to work under that little bit of added pressure last couple of times. So yeah good great feat chase them in nice. Well the Rory good but if we go, Stay straight. Yeah, that's fine little bit. Well done. Brilliant Enrico. Some of these guys are involved in representative all the way through to England rugby this season and they've still got some of that head of them as well. So not just attitude. We're looking for a seriously High skill level now as we were looking for these boys to push on.