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Catch Up Passing Game

A quick handling game to warm up. Handy if there's a few players standing around at the beginning of a session, waiting for others to turn up.

Video Subtitles

Pulsing in a circle if you go. No spin passes. No spin passes. No spin quick targets out quick targets out change direction change directions. That was a bit slow. Come on. We're not turning we just get the ball away quickly ball away quickly. Okay, hold it there. Right each time. You pass the ball. You do a press up everyone each time you pass the ball to press up. Let's go press up and up, press up and up, press up and up. Come on quick quick. Catch him out. Come on, catch him out. Quick hands. Who's going to get there quick quick quick quick quick quick. Come on, get him. Get him get him change direction change direction. Whereas your press up. Come on quick quick, press up. Hold it there. Okay. Here we go. All on hands come on those flat passes right now. We're doing press-ups. Let's go get you press ups done good passes. Catch them up catch him out. That's them out. Okay, that's good fella's