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Collision Fitness - Spinning Bears

Another innovative exercise from "The Athlete Factory" which combines speed & power with technical accuracy. These exercises can be applied to all age groups to build confidence

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So the idea with this is to as you can see is if you make a tackle to be able to get up quickly spin yourself around to Jackal position and do it efficiently and making the rebound quicker, as quick as possible because the longer you stay on the floor the longer time the opposition's got the entry can come in and clear. So the quicker you can the ability to do this and getting the right position and strong position the better and quicker you're going to be over the ball after the tackle. Lower yourself down into more of a pressup position. Try to explode and spin yourself round you want left or right? Stay strong? Yeah download again quicker quicker now, it's a big weekend getaway back. Good. We will now introducecontact into the floor and quickly demonstrate. So I'm in position you just watch him hit the floor. Make contact with the floor.him do the stuff that he has to do constantly and be able to perform that to his optimal level every single time he has to perform it for 80 minutes. A great progression of this is with the use of a shield It gives the player basically a physical object to make contact with so whether it's just a mental thing or a physical thing. It's a great Target for them. It allows them to use more Force hit the ground and get the rebound Phil was referring to before so again same principl. This tim we want to encourage them to actively smash the pads. So try and rebound as quick as you can mateGood, good jackal. Okay, so you drop inand then you try and get your feet round exactly the same. So we're doing exactly the same. More feet. I want to be I want to be able to lift the bag so you got to hold your own body weight. Okay, the moment of seeing that pressup better better. Okay now quick as you can. Quicker reload quicker better. You see see me doing the spin it Bears you're whipping your feet around here. You're getting up and walking around my shoulder while you can because you're going and this is the key thing you ought to work on wood. We've worked on getting there as quick as you can with your legs. Now, you're going up and try to walk around and by then it's gone. Okay, so we're working on the speed of your getting up and round. So the same we've done with the with the bear just cause you get into a jackal you gotta get there first and bring your legs up like what we did at the start. We just do the ball. Now, you know, no pad. You're going to start nose nose to nose. Yeah. So you start this so may you're going to exactly the same spinning bear, you know on the ball only one side and then come back for one way for the other. Okay. So again nose to nose. I want the key point to all this is keeping his chest as low on the floor as possible because what we don't want to do is made to raise his upper body to create a space for that and Three of their talk to when the when the breakdown we're trying to keep that place tight to make it harder for them to get out the way. When you're ready mate Sasaki same spin it round key cheslow. No not to me for contacts. Okay, remember spin yourself around better still a couple of steps Okay subway train to keep chest over the ball. Try not to come up good what people get wrong from that position. They get a fee up to stand up to then get yourselves around and that just brings all your upper body up. So if I'm looking to win the win the entry for my team, I'll win that space quickly. Okay, so chest lower for longer. That's it. Just try and keep your chest over. Yes. So is everything we've just worked on, you know, bring it in around the ball in the Jackal now. All right, so that's our progression. So now we're starting to realize doing laps of the pitch and things like that isn't really the best way we can condition our players.