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Games for Coaching - Examples

Coaches often request ideas to help them plan sessions. Here are some examples of the conditions that coaches can apply to make training more challenging and enjoyable

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Good good chuckle to Montauk up plenty of games. I think that's the best thing if you do your so-called drills or whatever. Let's try and make it a bit more of an activity and really promote the Activity Part making fun feed them stew. That's it. Let's go play chocolate. There's so many defining factors in a rugby game, which you're not going to be aware of if you just practice drills. So the games give the players a broader experience and they learn to deal with different stimulus during the game as well. Okay gents are going to play a game of touch. Rugby blacks are going to shoot that way yellows that wait at the touch when your touch is a 200 touch you Pop the ball through your legs. I support player has to catch it and then pass if it hits the floor, it's going to be a turnover. Okay, let's play Go for with a ball. Let's go go forward go forward with the ball. It's good. If at any time, you hear a long blast of the whistle, whoever's got the ball passes it to me and then the blacks have to run around either that cone or that cone. They're just in from there. Try line yellows do the same around that kind of that kind just in from there. Try light. Then I'm going to feed the poor to anyone. I like what we're looking for is for you to identify where the spaces attack that space. Josh go put it on make sure we finish each Office of the ball. We just going to play a game now where the person who is touched we'll do a long place with the ball. He will get up and play the ball himself the person who touched him as to retreat to his own try line. Okay play. Touch Ed. Come on. Good Square. Touch off you go Charlie. Downside touch if you go Neal. Good score go touch up to go to of you touched him go. Oh good. Good off you go George. And will you both touched him? Go square up Tom? Turn over your ball. Tiziana. React Harrison. Don't run across touch know. There's a turnover. Good good, well played the aim of this game is to manipulate the defense so that you can actually recognize where the holes are. So hopefully the first receiver to be able to attack the appropriate hole attack the appropriate Channel. Okay to get it to work properly. We'll just going to go with the flow. So every time the touch will go down will long Place scrub off in there and we go around the corner to will get to the touchline and then we can start to come back. Okay, Defenders the people who are nearest of we're going around the corner. You just have to make sure that if you're the first person nearest to the breakdown and I shall want it's you that's going to go back. All right for Don't touch. four and five Good. Well done lovely. Excellent. Good come back to the middle start that again just set it. Okay, it's really good. Right last couple of girls now, but this time the people I call out are going to come out of the line. All right, so I want the rest of you to slow down a bit. All right. So if it's passed Perry and myself, right if the cold Perry's number he's going to go up and we're going to just go steady names of those holes in the walls and way. number 10 It's good. Well done bang well over. I'm stepping in touch. I'm down and back up and it into a drive on him and then down again present the ball. Okay, calm down. Get back on your feet get into him who scrum-half keep driving driving clear good bam and up driving clear get over him clearing out clearing that good. Well done, leave it there for them will so we'd like to think that we will do a lot of a lot of our learning a lot of our game understanding through playing games. And then if there are issues with specific players individual players, and this is the individual needs then you can address that with in skills clinics afterwards with that player. Yes, you still have drills is still breaking down to get proper technique, but for me the predominance of actually making a skill better and making a player better is by putting them under pressure and again,