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The coaches explain why they use games and provide examples of how they deliver a session using games with technical skills as the basis for learning

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My name is Ryan and I'm a rugby coach for London wasps Community. We do as much coaching as we can through games and I player can become very good at a drill doesn't mean that they've learned the skill. There's so many defining factors in a rugby game, which are not going to be aware of if you just practice drills. So yeah, the game's give the players a broader experience and they learn to deal with different stimulus during the game as well. Well done, Mike. funny joke Thailand twist don't you go some of the over strong strong great switch. Well done. Help him who's in with him go down every left. Good lines. Well done quickly down World. Come on. Well played that team well done black team back to you about your mark, please we're going to go back into a game are now. All right, and what we want from the game is when you when you touched your you go to the floor and present the ball. All right, there's a player from your team that comes over the ball and jackals over it and press it protects it. All right, obviously, give us the ball a minute. Don't go too far for blokes presenting it there. He's lying long don't start presenting it here because obviously a bigger pass the ball make sure your feet are in line with the ball syllables, not out. Okay, and then we can get one of the opposition come in and I don't want to come blasting in and clearing them out. But I want you to come in and just give them a little bit of little bit of a shove a little bit of opposition to see if that's wrong. Yeah. So if you're coming around here And today I'm over the bull. Give me a little bit of a shop. That's just fine. Well, I don't want smash it. All right. I just want to make sure that guy's got a good fashion down here and you're just going to test them a little bit. All right. Yeah. I'm good. Look after the ball play rugby. Give me some good news. Good hands fellows. Well done. Danny go Mike quickly. Well done all a quick pool. Come on get over and Joe too slow. Now what could help on this situation when if they will goes in there go down touch him back on your feet up and down well. All right in you go right hold it there. Don't push what can help him now say again. From the support Runner and what else can that support Runner that you do? What would you do in a game you'd latch on when yeah, you'd actually come in here and that's what I want you to do now, right? So nearest one there down you go. All right, just driving into him nearest guy into him over the top of him here and just keep pumping together and eventually you'll go down will and you'll continue over the top and take this man a got it every every break down. Get back on your feet get into him who scrum-half keep driving driving clear good bam and up driving clear get over him clearing out clearing that good. Well done leave it there for them will be some leg Paragon my good good. Good. Well done. Good luck. Get on your feet. Only play it go to punch George get over him those standoff in Sean. Come on clear night. Up and down go on kept pumping Tamil done. Where's the support man? Come on the good good good. We do all that. We do as much coaching as we can through games. Obviously, there's times like you saw today when you need to break down a tackle to go through the proper technical points, but we massive Advocates of the fact that you're going to get the most learned and done in a real life situation and again,