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Improving support play

Decision making is a tricky skill to coach. Danny Wild the Leeds coach uses conditioned games with breakout technical sessions to improve this process as well as working on some groundwork skills

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We're looking at some ball presentation skills and groundwork skills and we're looking at some offload skills off the floor if I see Joel and and John Lyons and Joe just what moves I see. There's no Defenders and we go job pop laughs pop laughs pop left gives me the ball and then we try and play. So the whole idea of this game is that we're working on the communication and decision-making of the first apartment. Can I get an offload because you're far away or are you close by and I need to tell him to hold and I need to clear that makes sense. That's all working on. If I don't hear popular here hold while I can just roll back over and then start moving around. Yeah. So let's hit the ball carried be more effective at moving on the London. That's one point and second point. I support players are going to do what now talk a bit more about where they want the ball to move to excellent nice early calling that shot. Well done. Nice little people now. Why don't you go? Yeah, not well drawn while drawing show while drawn you gotta nice park, right? So the rules of the game. It's a touch game when the defender touches the ball carrier the defender needs to run out to the edge of the picture and come back in and what that does is create some space around the tackle for the nearest support play to make a decision of whether there's an awful word opportunity. Our weather in the defense is actually quite close and then need to clear over the ball. And that's a pitch. What working is assessing the nearest threat from the defense for the support place. Yeah, good talk you my good Ally chop all over the boat. Great. Try great. I we are flooded off the floor. So how did we generate the quick offloaded our ball carries do that time. Did you start to twist it in there? So you think every time we landed we've got a Twist in we've got an awful lot and if we think a bit about the technical detail, where did we always twist away from? Good weather tackle came from or where the ball came from. So the ball was coming from right to left. Every time we landed we twisted and played away from the ball. Why do we want to London twist away from where the ball came from? Why is the defendants car get across campus? So that was great. I don't know whether we plan our that just kind of materialized but by doing it were great the great opportunity. What did I support players do that he to really good thing did two things really? Well. Then that meant was got the try as well or the canapes. Yeah. So the red the contact situation and just turned their run nicely. And what else did they do? Okay call for I thought the ball pop left brilliant that let's see now is that we've seen really two good examples of how we might score in this game on an edge by passing the ball down the line or by managing our depth and time now runs and communicating are with waffle and playthrough. So we've got two good trials like that. It's all looking for an aggressive watching for a what's in front of you Joe. Touch good defense good defensive Lightspeed. They're like But what's in front of you Tom what's in front of you? We played for the longest period of time without a try. Why did the tries dried up? What does what are we change what we done differently? That means we've stopped going as much pattern welding it more. Okay good. So, why do we get into a position where we end up calling hold rather than getting the awful driver number of offers reduced. Yeah, go about it. What do you say? Yeah, great that so that's about the terms of the standards. We set ourselves and our mental focus, isn't it? Because the only thing that really changes you've got a bit more tired and therefore you're not thinking about the most important things. Okay. If I if I've seen that Ben's gone down for a tackle just there and I'm I'm and I'm approaching him as a support player. Where does my attention needs to be focused on? Good. Yeah, it's where the defenses all right, because they're the ones who are going to influence my decision to say pop or to say hold. Where do you think your attention has been drawn now? You've got a little bit tired the Bali are and if you're looking at the ball, what do you miss the space? Of course you mr. Space you just got oh, I'll just tell him to hold it because that's an easy way out. All right, so we're trying to train our brains at the moment to look at the defensive shape and the opportunity to offload rather than the ball. Yeah. Good job out of me. Good live at night talking. You just miss you. That's all that was fine. Did really well and support line there. Well Duncan talk in touch with him. Excellent. Try well done. We play a lot of games players like it. They enjoy it, you know, it's a fun environment to learning and it's specific to when they go out and on a weekend and play.