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Pre-Season Offload Touch For Fitness

This Pre-Season touch game is based upon offloading however there are other conditions which make it an ideal practise to combine skills and fitness

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The key Focus for today was conditioning. So we just looked at offload touch through the legs the emphasis on that is just for the boys to be really work. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Joy time good pink setup Greenie can't go yet green. You can't go make sure inside. Yeah, let's move that now. touch blind paws fix it Pig boo ping boo touch touch that guy back Joy Time pink retreat gotta get back good they go play on big you retreated. Touch touch their conditioning aspect. So we look at obviously Defenders work right off and on the ball, so I'm wanting makes it to hand attached he pounds before he can come back into the game. touch touch touch touch chill good buland, please good habits of making a hit and get back on your on your feet contesting for the ball or either get into a good position of the ball. So that that's probably the key reason why we we focus or put a lot of emphasis on bouncing chest the ground and get back into play. touch touch touch touch good try that. That's a good score of that green Z condo. We are very game focused at hologram. So games 10. So a typical session that we do with EDG the content might slide slightly differ when the first team do it by it. Will it will be a game sense generally a game Sensations depending of course on what our objective of the session of the session is from the coaches. For instance. The preseason stuff might be focusing on certain place.