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Quins - Support Touch Game

The coaches use games to teach techniques and allow players to experiment in game situations. The coach can set the parameters for the game dependent on the skill sets of the players

Video Subtitles

Lucky Tom lookie what we call support touch. So as soon as it two-handed touch on the player, he goes down blind through the legs in the air and there's got to be a supporting player tucked in behind him reacting to the ball carrier. And that's the key thing. So there's always that constant play of someone having to look after the ball carrier each time from there. We can move the ball good brother good touch. Oh well reacted. Well reacted one on one hand. KK if it's only one on the doesn't count. Come on. Gray, Hans crayons use them accent the boys buy into it pretty well. They they understand that they'd rather be running around with the ball in the hands. Then then actually just running around the boys train better if they're enjoying it great chasing bad. Yeah, you've got to give the you've got to give the boys free rein really in the games within the parameters that you set. So you know, what you don't want to be doing is is then being non-realistic I suppose, you know, the it's got to be game-related. So you set it up and let them go and then if you need to change things such as that the parameters changed as you get out of the game what you want then so be it. What do we think that brush better some great some great attacking play some really good attacking play. Work been work good touch good touch. Oh, come on referee. Well run away come on George you come out of there because back to playing games. If you're all the time playing games don't have to be contact far from us can't be but if you're all the time playing games, you're making those Dynamic decisions all the time the more you do the more comfortably commoners.