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Rugby-Football Game

A great fun game that combines rugby and football, that also tests the players skills for catch & pass, awareness and support play. This can be played with age groups from 13 / 14 upwards

Video Subtitles

I'll see you actually salad Lads is still going to be a degree of fun at that age. You know, they are young Lads and it's important at the still enjoying it and there's not that great amount of pressure put on them too early to sort of determine away from the sport football. Rugby. Okay, we start with the normal game of touch rugby five on five if I get touched or or if you touch me so playing rugby. I've been touched I put the ball down. It's 10:40. Okay, so play but I make the first pass. I've been touched I'm playing footy. Okay normal footy normal three, you score a goal by let's go on the goal has to do normally for one point to get the game back to rugby to score 5 points for a try tippity Paulo catches it with back onto rugby. Okay. So any point in time you play footy you can always change it back to rugby by chipping it to you pal catches it as soon as he's caught it. Everyone's gotta get on side go past backwards is rugby trial and his imaginary what to their five points for try one for a goal. Kick it long you can put in the the wrong. Yeah, always yeah score a goal or you can chip it up and go back so I can get to the line look to score a goal for one point. How got my pal here chip it to him. He scores it for five. Okay, always start this the game always restarts with rugby. Okay. So always really starts to rugby player from their rugby rugby from their touch winter foot in our into 40 play out before ball back through be straight away. Nice two-on-one. Yeah, good. Give it God really are lots of great trial of li-fi five-star to rugby off we go. So I want yeah Good Feet play rugby football. Let him put it down you cheat Man, put it down fully. But the space. Oh nice third pound weight on but on could set touch their football football. Nice here in Ohio and off give it a try that what's up post pretty much over the line. Who's on the cross girl the cross you're in? Oh, no. Oh, yeah. I love the good at rugby. I'm not sure for a scar. Ah Balotelli. Yes, nice score it as points the winner smoke like that put it down is fully play football from the back back to rugby then Good Feet. Yeah. Nice use it great step. Yeah, that's good. Great try and we come Chuck it in. Good blow. Oh Lots. Play the winners was that well done little bit fun the end. But again still rugby stuff. There's a lot of you know, especially when I'm inside rupee and even 42° spatial awareness little bit of fun good little blowout as well. Yeah. I just sent them then, you know, keep it keep enjoying it but, you know keep working. It's it's obviously, you know, it's proof that there's some of the best players in the school in the club, but when you make that step up to the the academy level, you know, everyone everyone else is that much better as well that you know, you've got to keep doing the extra work and the extra stuff on and off the field to be able to push through