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Wasps - Keeping It Fun

We can all take things too seriously at times and need reminding why we take part in sport. It is not only the community game that keeps fun at the centre of things, the pro's do as well. This clip shows a simple fun game to use at the start of sessions

Video Subtitles

He's very lucky in the professional world to be doing some of them were really enjoy and we can't forget that you know, so it's important that you know, everyone's got a bit of a smile on your face. Obviously when you win in things a little bit easier when you lose in but that doesn't change the fact that we doing something that we love and some of the we enjoy so obviously from our point of view. We should be doing a bit of a smile on our face use the whole Grid in the white grid pick up the bulls start portioning, please. Yeah, enjoy mother's Keys now because if you could enjoy something if enjoys the practice if you enjoyed the drill, then he want to do that drill practice again, he'll actually carry enthusiasm 210. The next training session will be attentively listen to what's being said, you try and take on board your the ideas. He learned a lot quicker but is the feel God's name a sport and Rugby's all about enjoying the making the most of your talents when I blow the whistle. You're gonna get a pair. Lost once again at I-10 birth. He's gonna pass my piece Collier be one possible carry on. Okay. This song is going to be a group of for Donna song three you down three of you down puppies Korean person. Is he gonna be around kids? You have to keep them interested involved in the game by making them enjoy the game and it's about having drills that are going to learn the technique. They learn the skills, which can be fun and a good environment to learn in so they can want to come back. I want to do it again. This time is gonna be sweet Linda Linda you on their birthdays carry on the ground. This is the last one coming up one who's up? Who's there? Okay down we go, please stretch your coughs coughs and groans.