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Listening is an Essential Skill

Communication is key to making good decisions. Jon Curry from Northampton Saints makes some simple but very important observations to help players make informed decisions

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But it's going backwards.Unlucky, turn over. You've got numbers through that hole. Okay, stay there, stay there fellas, come back. You've got the 10-meter line, good lad. Great step. Go straight go straight. That's all right. Well done. You just stand there opposite me, you stand there and you stand there. Looking at me now then no you, come here you stand there. That's it. You stand bear. Okay who can see more of the pitch him or him?In a game if he can see something you think he should get the ball straight away or do you think this man should then decide what he wants to do? The man outside seen something he's calling for the ball. And if you give it to him straight away, then you have to trust his judgment. Because he's seen something might be a mismatch might be a big overlap. I don't know you just give him more. If you don't say he dances a little bit suddenly these two Defenders just move out you two, I've gone there then you dance a little bit then you give him the ball what happened then? The two Defenders on him he Ears gentlemen. One mouth, two ears listen twice as much as you talk. Okay, enjoy that last game boys. Yeah, enjoy the session very pleased to hear itwhat have you picked up from it? Support Angles of RunningAttacking ShapeListen to the men outside. Listen twice as much as you talk. Thank you very much. Good session. Well done. They arestill are not naturally running those angles back to hold up Defenders, but they were starting to support the ball and there was some actually some fantastic support plate towards the end there.