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How to Invite Club Members to Join

This video walks you through the simple process of inviting members to join your club.

Video Transcription

Hi, this short video will show you how to invite people to your club or School area. So once you log into our CD, you come to my stuff within that video library coaching plans and Club star club stuff. Is your club and School area click on club stuff. This takes you through to your club or School area. Mine is called ruislip. That's my Rugby Club. So in here straight away that comes up on the latest shared videos videos have been shared by new members some Club plans shared videos and some private club videos. I then have a sub category, which is Club Library their club members messages squads and admin we're going to go to club members click on club members. This lists the people within your Club. So I'm the administrator and the only administrator you can appoint two or three image administrators. If you'd like to I clicked on coaches it lists my coaches if I click on players list my players, obviously if you haven't invited coaches and players those tabs won't show if I then go to invite member. Invite member panel comes up to a very simple process by to new user. type in their name So my email address I can then write them a short message. Please come and join my club rice lip. I then allocate what they are a coach player friend or fan. Yeah. I'm going to nominate them as a coach. I then send the invite that invite will then be sent to their email address and it will have come from you. So in their email address to receive an invite to a CD from Castle muscle, obviously, you can see that this person hasn't registered as yet and we wait for them to register. I'm going to delete this person now because it's just fictional Locking on delete. Okay, when people do accept membership, you can then allocate them to a squad so you can see here. I've got a squad member if I looked at the squad so I've actually allocated under nines and eights 15s 14s. I've got Colts. I've got Club supports Juni coaching cetera. So if I actually listed under 10 coaches is the under 10 coaches at rushed it running club. I want you to change those squats. I just click on squads here on this subcategory. I can go in and I can edit any of these and I can then set up a new club and we also have an unassigned members tab, which means these are members that don't actually belong to any squad. I wanted to then put James getting into a squad I sign him. What do you mean to hear from supporters submit and James got he goes into the club supporters Squad to go back to Club supporters. Click on scrub members from Club supporters. James death is a player. Okay, so hopefully that's explained how to invite a new member quick overview when you logged in straight to club stuff straight to club members invite member. Right user go through the process very simple.