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Ruck touch - Focus on rolling players away

A key technique at the breakdown is the ability to roll players away, this applies when your opponent already has a good body position over the ball. Danny Wild from Leeds carnegie uses a game and breakout sessions to deliver his session

Video Transcription

Ready go. Yeah good roll out while Doug. What we looking in within this game is we're looking at some clearing technique, okay? When you when you're going into clear speed of the four Great speed and intensity into the contact great for what you've got to do is get to use your arms now because at the minions just shoulder barging them. So go in here get your arms around them and then you can start to wrestle them out. Okay what I'm really pleased with is it when we've hit we've consistently tried to go for the hit and clear the Roll It Out roll in people out should always be a second option hit him hard try and move them work some angles and but then last resort if we still aren't shifted and then try and roll them out to end to end. Keffe moving back. He feet moving. Well done. Attack. Keep the ball. Tacky the ball off you go. Don't touch his toes to in. They're good drivers you go keffe. Moving keep it moving shot. That's a great clear turnover. So we've now got knees down towards the ground. We've got our hips down and we're driving in a four position. This is where we need to be as we're hitting the guy hitting the defender or the attacker we can then put our arms onto him to get some stability and push him off Sean hits low fee. Moving good work Buddy plate. Yeah. I got two men good. Well done some good clear that we go. Let's go to support their quickly go rough immigration wrap him up wrap him up. Keep the ball unlucky Grayson unlucky good speed up the floor either tackle tackle tackle to in quickly. Ready go. Yeah good roll. Well done. I believe that this Edge is the fundamental thing is to improve their decision-making game understanding and awareness of what's going on. So by using games with real we get a lot more development and a lot more learning out of the time we have with the players and trying to go down a practice or drill type route with them to down play. Keep it moving sound keep the moving keep the ball greens. Well done. Turnover play Blues. If you got Tom touchdown you go to in quick quick quick ready. Go Gracie using my hands now use the man's good speed up the floor while Doug tackle that we go at something support play key legs driving key legs driving keep the ball blue key the ball blue. First in support in support wait where this helps is actually to see coaches see that what we're doing here is they can replicate at there cuz we players from under under sevens right through to senior because all we're doing is creating games that are based on our current ability of our players and constraints within our games that are suitable to this level of player. So all you could do with a different ability of player or different experience of player. He's just managed to rules differently in order to get the same outcome.