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Reptile Touch

Another great conditioned game for pre-season training. With the addition of 'reptile crawls' for players who have made a touch, you incorporate an excellent core strength exercise that requires concentration under fatigue.

Video Transcription

Action for the attackers is as soon as you have a touch. You've got to bounce back up on your feet. Okay. So Jamie, could you please just come and show a bounce please that way? Why do we bounce on the on the ball? Why do we land on the ball? So people can't get on the ball. Okay, if we land on Sideways if you hit the deck sideways the second Defender can get over. Okay. So as a technical skill, let's make sure we land on the ball and bounce to our feet long place. Okay, that's the condition for the attackers. The condition for the Defenders is one back. I'm run retro calls reptile calls. Let's go. I was coaching. You got to be very cautious not to be overzealous. And the first week for me would be very much about a lot of games make them simple try and do simple things very well put some Fitness and conditioning into the games, but don't overdo it. Grudge net pre season progresses you then up the level of intensity, of course and calls out a reptile called slightly different in a longer body position. And as you come through you're going to walk all the way. So the attacker bounces back to his feet long Place Defenders gone back to the reptile call. bounce Johnny bounce bounce along Place quick ball Nice score so lots of scores. Okay, let's go rebs this ball. So it's it's not about if actually ask these teams what the school was they wouldn't know. So this is about technical skills in games bounce back on his feet The Defenders gone back. Earlier Dan Dan took earlier coaches in the way. Sorry guys. So what's going to happen is Jamie's going to bounce get up driving to the man? Okay, you're the man the blue The Defenders going to give some resistance. Okay, you're then going to Long place. You're then going to come over crab over and you'll become the scrum-half of the attacking side to Blues two. Defenders either side will go back. So there is going to be and do the exercises. So what's it going to be lots of gaps tackle the bag up on your feet pick it up. Take it to the Blue Line join the game good. You guys will then bring the thing back? Okay, so that's a condition. So with this condition there should be lots of holes. You can probably play this with about 14 15 players. Bounce bounce into the player long place your the scrum-half down Alex. Sorry nice score. Let's go back keep playing booze keep playing. So we're rotating. A lot of players can hear the challenges The Defenders have to respond or react to that your the scrum-half owl. Great. Johnny so the challenge here is for the Defenders to be the scrum-half during pre-season. It's really important that players are aware of their Fitness and conditioning and there's a variety of levels and standards but Fitness and conditioning applies to absolutely everybody that's playing the game and often we don't have specialist coaches or advice to actually inform us what those things should should do and what they look like rugby coaching drills. We have a section within the video library and coaching videos, which has got Fitness and conditioning. If you click on the fitness and conditioning section, there will be a number of videos that will show you some basic things that would help you and help you players get into shape for this season.