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How to access video clips

With over 2,000 videos to view the video library can be confusing, this clip provides an outline introduction to the video library and the categories within

Video Transcription

The short video just shows you where the content for the videos are stored. So once you log in you get to my stuff on the dashboard here, you'll see the latest six videos that have appeared that we put on WE generally add three to four videos per week. So you can come in here click on these videos and now play if you wanted to you can add them to a coaching plan share them with a friend or add them to your Club. Okay, but if you want to actually go into the library, you're going to the video library click on video libraries on automatically you are taken to the Premiership rugby section in the Premiership rugby section. You have the list of the Premiership clubs you click on one of the club's you wanted to view scroll down they have then subcategories. So we want to look at catch and pass to these are the harlequins caption pass videos and in the carousel here, you'll see that you've got Several different videos you can scroll back through these click on them to play them. Obviously. Each one has the same thing add to coaching plan share of the friend share with your Club. Then your sub categories you have coaching videos coaching videos is put into subcategories. So what we have here is what's new latest that comes up automatically again, the carousels work the same way you want it to scroll through you can do we then have how to coach using Games Catching and passing and some age groups. So if you wanted to have a look at some tackling and defense click on tackling and defense and then you've got some subcategories defense systems and progressions turning defense into attack techniques to get started. Okay, if you wanted to go straight we have a search box here. So if you wanted to go straight to tackle Technique just put tackle in and the videos that I've got tackle in their title will automatically appear. If you want to play those videos you can then play them go back to the video library takes you straight back then have a parent category. So we've got what's new how to coach coach catching and passing Fitness and conditioning helping the whole we have also have play videos you click on the player videos. These are a few categories gent generic categories here, but then by position, so if you're a proper hooker of background, etc, etc. You can come in here and have a look at specific content for your position that we again, we've got subcategories parsing techniques breakdown techniques alignment and support. Okay, so I got a quick overview soon as you log into our CD. You'll get the latest videos here. You want to go to the video library? Click on the video library and they're all here. If you then wanted to share with a friend click on share with a friend full name their email address and then you share with them and they will get an email to say that you have shared a certain video with them and an invite to join our CD if they haven't joined our CD yet if they have what will happen is that video when you share with them comes up in your dashboard. I'm going to come up down on the left hand side over here. So hopefully that's a useful short video and enjoy your ugly. Thank you.