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3 v 2 How to Fix Defenders

Running straight & fixing defenders is a skill that all players must learn and learn at an early age. The top players regularly practise this skill to maintain accuracy. This is the building block to scoring tries

Video Transcription

The way we play the game. We want the ball in hand as much as possible. And if we can't guarantee that our passing is accurate, then it makes it very difficult to get a game going. So right across the board backs for words. We spent a lot of time on the basic core skill of passing and catching always go round the red and attack square around the red to get the width and you're just picking them up. So we're coming around the corner. Can we the ideas? Can you square up the defense rather than just all heading off here in to the touchline? So we're just trying to stop people from drifting across the park by making the hips. Stay Square as we can. Yo, Good, that's about that about rice spacing. Yeah, okay. Let's work on that then good so nice and square. Yep. Oh, wait. Oh, wait. Oh wait. Yes good. Yeah, that's the starting point for the Defenders and to one of you will go around there want to go around there. So running square is a core skill and it has to be repeated over and over and over again remain. He's right through to youth through adult game. We're all playing rugby and it's played parallel to the touch lines not across parallel to the try line. So we want to keep Square this first man doesn't take the space literature is Catch it get it out there because they're already on the stretch. Yeah, but as long as you stay square and move it, so just as you come around Square the hips move it away. He's got to check. Yes, there's a space. There we go. Look how much time he's got excellent. And the key thing is how you fix is not necessarily about running right up to him. Just your body angle your body shape will fix it. If I stay here Nick knows soon as I do that. Oh for that fraction thing he has to stay and then if I execute the past properly it buys time out here good stuff. Okay Defenders, you can mix it up. You still gotta go there with one of you decide to just fly across the field. So that second man has to make a decision go. Yes, good morning. Doesn't have to be fast when we talk about their slow feet quick hands. That's the key to this. So we want the ball traveling across the ground nice and easy into his hands wait of pass the short what if even if it's a short part is still not lobbed. It's put in it and give him time. Let it go. Good good the catch. As important as a pass completely of juggled it times eaten up to hands up fingers pointing up greet the ball reach early really basic stuff. You've all been doing since you're under nines but focus on the detail go good good good recognition of what the district defense shape is are they backing off? Let's take it to them. They're coming at us. We slow down the ball will beat them. Excellent good to to Camp. No. Oh good feet Good Feet. Yes, good good.