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Falcon's Grid exercise for running lines

Running straight and changing your running line will make players better attackers and underpins an effective 2 v 1. Dave Walder from Newcastle Falcon's run's through a new style exercise that all coaches can use

Video Transcription

Gonzales have a good decision little bit flat taking your back hip just quickly follows any time we're taking on the back hip I recognised times out of 10. It's can support were too flat the one time out of ten support part. Let's make sure we're catching every night in front. Okay, keep off our back hip find ourselves notes or situations a lot where you get three or four backs together targeting sort of numbers down defense or defense come from different angles and we talked about putting angle changes on it and trying to give the Defender as many decisions to have to make at the same time as possible. So it's a case of getting back to that put the ball through the hands and doing all that place. Let's go Yeah could great Wildlife. Well done. Yeah could not carry much better. Konzo joint plenty of time between make sure we referee well because straight lines well then well that last one of this hand. Yeah. Okay flip the cones across the other side ports. I was pretty happy the accuracy this morning on the whole was generally pretty good but it's key to everything so passes landing on people's on the on people's hips, you know for starters normally as the guy who's to the guy who's catching the balls to Flat rather than being a bad pass and obviously that's too low. Anyway, you know, we talked about getting the ball up at shoulder height and and out in front and accuracy is key to being able to execute everything. Guy really good thing that those decent at you've just done talk about double pumping it, right? So as you got enough time for one last Defender throwing an early dummy see what the defendant does then he'll commit either way. Okay. So if you've got a time this guy in this third Channel, we got that first one away see what the Defenders doing then make a decision on the back of it. That situation is going to go through hands while not good hands. Yeah, Chris, two more two more guys that yeah, nice cones. Oh, well, then one last one last one. Good decisions. Maybe well done. Good start for that system better planned. You are more organized. You are the better the session of being the less less chance the guys have of catching you out. I think as long as you stick the principal at any point in your session, somebody should ask you why you why they're doing something you should be able to tell them if you can't can't give them an answer. You probably shouldn't be doing it.