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What are the biggest challenges you face as a coach, we all differ and in this clip two under 15's coaches discuss what the struggle with and offer some solutions

Video Transcription

I coach the russet under-15s. I've been doing that for about the last way. I've coached them since they were eight. So there you go. When you're coaching a bunch of you know, ten or eleven year olds. It is a lot more tell you do have to because you know, otherwise they're up a tree, you know at the age of 13 14 15, you've got to start to what we want them to do is own own the game and you know be out there and playing for themselves, you know with with as little input from us as possible. So it's more guidance and getting them to tell us what they want rather than us telling them white blues or what you call a solution that's going to help us get score a score some tries. So it's a blue just in as a group Green same with you. It's in a group. How you going to score more tries. Let's just go one minute. So coaches wise. What's what happened today will notice what they're doing. There's only one going in front and how many of them actually looking to use it because of my mom used to get him. But actually what we want to do is get their heads up. So see we'll see if they come up with that solution and that's a learning thing for us as coaches because you're in habit of three or four years of these little Lads running around or girls, you know, and and it requires a step change. It's quite a challenge. I learnt a lot from the internet. I just would watch videos on the internet of you know, professional coaches and how they communicated with players and you know that whole goal setting thing that they tend to do and also how they get players to feedback that I got that just from watching and learning it. How do we find that? Thanks. It's hard work, but I thought it was pretty good. What's good? When is he when is it easier to defend? So what have we got to do? Yeah, my name is Joe Russell and I'm the under-15s coach Dan Russell Rugby Club. So the reason I don't play at the moment is I broke my neck for years ago. So that stop my playing career. I then went into coaching and refereeing so now fully qualify referee some boys develop quicker than others and occasionally a smaller boy my gear a big hit. It's important to keep his confidence up throughout the whole year the several waves. So when putting them into games it's important to get them on the ball as much as possible given the confidence. It's all about that feedback that you give positive using them in. Actions and showing that they can do it as well as everyone else that's quite key certain players respond differently to the way you coach so you have to monitor that so demonstrations are really key visual Learners. You have some players are quite technical. So you need to give them some really technical feedback 1.2 Robert. Okay, one point here start again bear hug Rico, but more fights. I want to see a lot more tension in your arms really use your head to push across as well and get your shoulders involved sit. Good good. Good Rico good side to side other way other way. Good. Good. Good. Well done. Good fight. Hell and some players. You just let them trial and error in the game that you're playing. It's it's really important that you learn the plays that you're coaching and learn what they're like and who they are. We build all our sessions around our CD. I You know, I'm on there every week and you know out of out of tonight's session there will be questions about how do we do this so I can go into our CD and I can pull out drills and you know, a lot of it is where you are listening to a Quinn's coach or or you know, a professional coach talking to Youth and and Cults players and understanding how they're trying to bring them on. It's a great resource.