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Kiwi Tackling - Pre Tackle Practises

Sharing our coaching ideas is great for the game. Players in New Zealand hone their skills at an early age and it is globally accepted that they have the best techniques across all positions. Coaching the tackle is a key fundamental that all players practise regularly

Video Transcription

And when you're on your feet, you got to move a bit more and we've got to improve our tackling skills while we're on our feet. So this activity is going to help us with our foot work. Well, you're going to be the attacker and you've got to try and lose your Shadow, which is George George. You've got to try and keep in line with Will as much as you can by using small feet. Okay, here it up. Keep your eye on as core area so that you keep track of them. Cool, right? Let's see. How you go on your marks. Good fake, George. Well done. Yeah much better George good try and lose them will good three seconds to go. That's it. Small feet. Well done George sighs another activity to help us in the developing phase of the tackle and we're going to work on our foot placement. The other one we were looking at our foot movement this time. We're going to look at our foot placement against the attacker but guys, so really want you to get your foot in close to the attacker and you can use both hands to push them away and that's going to represent the power and the tackle. All right, okay to see how you go by and up. So also you try and get this in at the back on your marks. Pushing through it all the way back and yep and start again Betty Wilson nicer. Push the kid a good leg Drive. Keep it going get that foot placement right in front and push better cuter. Well done. Last one get it right over. Nice. Well done good foot placement. There was g'day Hold On Wilson, you grab that bag a heater grab that bag what we want to see in this activity as both players moving forward to close the space. So that we've got nowhere to go and this activity once you make contact with in going to look at our league Drive Wilson to try and drive the other player back to the cones. Okay, so it's about moving forward. And then once we make contact continue our league drive to try and get the opposition going back. Okay guys, so when I call your number, you're going to run around pick up the bag close the gap cool. Okay on your marks sit one close the space good drive drive leg Drive. Well done Emma. Good work. Come on back back again. Listen for your number. Say it to good look for feet and League Drive George League Drive stay on them. Well done. Well good work like George and Branch really get those feet pumping up and down last one. C3 lo que le good Drive come on move your legs good work. Well good work drive drive drive. Well done this time. We're going to take the bag away from one team and we're now going to tackle. Okay, and when we're moving forward to close the space, we really want to get on our toes make a decision on which way the attack is moving and then we move forward. Okay, some real key points here Kim. If you pick up the bag letting you come around we want to close this space and we want our arms hold their Lydia to be here. Okay, and why we want them to be in close as because that's where our strong parts are that if you open up wide, okay, if we press in here, we're going to get a sore sore point. So we keep it in close Lydia. How does that feel nice? So keep it close and where are you looking at the core? Well, Done. So as we come in always on the core contact with your shoulder make the rep drive with your legs try and get it back to the cones. Good work see to let's go George. I on the core and leg Drive good tackle George goodly Drive. Well done. Last one. Then we're going to swap it over. What? Go on Lydia, cool rap rap good work. Okay, that's going to swap it down this end remembering now. The person with the bag we can do always sidestep or try and evade the Tecla. Okay. That means if Emma comes around that are you pick up the bag if we change direction or Ball Carrier changes Direction and maybe you've got to really hold dear Becca. But if you change direction here in my you've got to really change okay, put your head to the other side. Okay, so that we're nice and safe. All right, we're going to use their pit Shields to start with just so we get used to it and then we'll take that away. Okay on your marks number two. He can divide good work. Well, nice and drive. Good tackle. Well done back at the top number one by CJ Drive their cool. Well done team good contact with shoulder good reps.