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Pre-Season Continuity

Making good decisions around the contact area is a tricky area to coach, Howard Graham from Harlequins explains some of the key factors in what to coach players when focusing on continuity, beating players and offloading to keep the ball in play

Video Transcription

Yeah, well picked up goddess. Good, that's all right. Yes. Well, if you got good well held well hell good. Nice soft load. Nice reaction. Good lobbies will have three Defenders. They are either making a low tackle or a high tackle, but only grabbing the arm. Okay, I only want limited contact sort of thing like good could transfer now we're going to work now. We're going to work. Nice. You bought some time good footwork. Excellent. But welcome good good get that ball away Rory. Too many people going in thinking right. I'm going to make the offload. Yeah, what's our first or what do we say the man? Come on beat the man two different things beat the man and then if the offloads on fine attacked just before contact we should be transferring the ball. Yes, so I would say you're carrying the ball into hands to keep the defender thinking. And then the next step you try and beat the player. So that's some point close to your have to transfer because what you don't want to do is you don't want to be getting hit with the ball here. So we move the ball away once these coming in for the tackle because ultimately if we took it here he knows that we're going to take him on if we keep it here as long as possible then we've got the option to pass. But if there's no one to pass to then that transfer has should and has to happen really Nice Q. How many options are you giving him here? Yeah, I want the supporting player to react to the ball carrier not dictate to him. Okay? Okay, great for work. Great footwork. Now nice. Okay that last one. Was it on the talk to him? Yeah, hurry talk to him. If it is not it is non you make the decision whether it is if not, you got a ground. We have a rock no problem play. Good. Nice footwork. Good. Good. Good. No Panic. Okay, that's fine. That's fine. Good. Change the Defenders. Please change the Defenders. The offload is known it is known you can't you can't force he can't do anything about it. Okay, we have to make good decisions around that contact areas often as possible. Anything Key things beat him first tall transfer support stay deep and what talk to communicate you don't make decisions. Okay React to what he's doing. Okay, good gone gravel. What?