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London Irish - Super Skills

Do your players excel at one area of the game? if so why not try and make them even better and make them "The Specialist" in that area and turn that technique into a super skill

Video Transcription

If you're good at something we want to make it super strength. I understand that everybody is expected to make potentially every sort of tackle. So go makes a chest tackle. Is that his favorite would it be expect to make a chop and vice versa, but I want to make guys with good at chop tackling really good it like a super skill to the point where a guy runs down our Channel down straight away and the players around him know that and I can't even people like doing things they're good at and being able to chess tackle the top tackler to pretty pretty good skills either are either a useful and like I said, yeah, we just want them to enjoy that enjoy D and enjoy that element of it. I think if you give them some ownership, then you get the buy-in from the place. You probably limit the options for the attack a little and then not necessarily given the D the advantage but just think a bit more level almost a slightly Level Playing Field you want the boys to feel good about themselves as fast ready only ties many times any toast. Hold you back up G back up quicker. All right, last one boys. Volcania come forward as soon as they're Square in your happy Come forward. Let's go. Oh fuck obviously that the guys running the first two now were in The Academy of the last couple years and still are very much involved and their the basics of the game, you know ball presentation simple handling those small details are you know, maybe you don't have to be that talented for it's just effort and commitment and having that instill within you from a young age. That's what we're trying to do with our guy so that when they come through they've got that solid foundation and they can build on that.