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2v1 Creating and Executing

This video takes you through how best to execute 2v1 situations as well as how to create more opportunities for your team.

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Why so let me ask you. Why do we possibly in Rugby Union what we're trying to do when we got the bull score a try so if why do I pass the someone else? They're in a better position than me to score a try. So he's like even that sort of sort of simple stuff. So then then I would kind of go into you Stanley light to V1 stuff right on the on the attack. You're going to run out to your can turn around. Yo, yo go and touch OK and all I want to do is score a try. Okay, and that's what we do. So when you're ready Okay, what are we looking for? So what do we reckon to the TV one there? What the things? What are the what did Jamie do that was really good say stepped is stepped one way and what does the vendor have to do? So if the defender doesn't come with you they go to school to try. Was there anything else that Jamie did that was the that kind of met interested to Defender? He do anything with the bull that we spoke about earlier. Sorry. Yeah, he kept it into how so 10 points concept. Well CD. Did you push straight away? He taught me that okay, and then so what y'all was going to do and then push when you're looking at a Defender and you're attacking the fender, what are you looking at? Okay, so his hips wider hips and and feet important. Okay, so Jamie come round. So if you're in a ba so if Jamie's got the born drugs that way if I do that, what does that mean? The he's probably got me. So what should Jamie do pass if I change my body weight slightly? It could be just that a really good. Defender won't give you that so he might just do that. What would that mean pass? Okay, if I stay like this what my Jamie start doing dummy and go. So again, it's just kind of teaching them the Keystone we might play TV. Once we might do an overload overload game side, and they let's do it now actually, so you score you turn and attack the other way got it. Okay, let's go. So again, it's difficult because of the numbers here, but actually what we do is So again, we can then start talking about are we actually committing Defenders? Are we there would you think what do you think about these guys at the moment? Are they doing what we spoke about? So what could they do differently reckon? Yeah, so, let's see. What happens here. Hey, good light. Nice boys. What's the problem that you for of God? Because it's not necessarily a TV one. Is it? What number are you numbers here for versus to how can we make that a TV one? What's going to happen? So right show me here walk it through for me. So we got two Defenders up there for attackers. Let's go. So what would you do to in order to eliminate one of these trackers? Okay, so by doing that what happens? He has to come unto you. Okay? So what's the next bit you're going to do? What's the problem if we stop there? So then that becomes a TV one now. The only problem is worse the defense doing at the same time. They're coming up. So what's the problem for Jamie? If you do exactly what you've just done right so he's not going to have a lot of time. So what do we do earlier? So, how can you how can Jamie solve a problem so firstly hold you that so actually first behold the depth. Well, how else can Jamie by himself more time? So what it was a term that we use for that? Yeah. GK W sub J. Remember the term our yeast active grab. So take the boys earliest possible. How does Theo know that he's got this man. What do we say? How does he know? What's he looking at? What are you looking at? The feet and hips so do you need to go here to know that you've got him? So what when do you know you've got so he's put weight across their what does it mean he then got to do to react to once you pass. He's got to change direction. So what does that mean in terms of what you can do as as his partner in defense If you drift, what does that leave a hole there be a hole there. So when we apply proper game that's and maybe an opportunity for Jamie to go or it means you don't go and you can't drift this quickly across the pitch as they're actually then we got our we hold R2 V1 that make sense. So, let's see if we can do that.