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A Deep Look Into Simple Passing

Here we take a look at a simple drill and Graham Steadman discusses the importance of getting the basics right. If every player can do this well your attacking speed will really improve.

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Everything Square nice and fluid ends up guy stands up Target good. Yeah, we'll put a big focus on is the players have been ability to play square and not allow the defense to drift off and close the space of the next offensive threat. So the big Focus for us is firstly get the ends up as a Target that then enables you to scan a look at what's coming in front of you as opposed to receiving the ball down in and looking at the grass you can then see what the defense is doing. And you also see where the space is nice and early. So that's about the scanning process also the Readjustment. So from right to left will have the left and up as a tag it from the guy passing from the inside nice and fluid that's his tag it to it actually at the bus and then the receiver just checks his pass and you can get quick transference in and out as opposed to check in resetting and passing which is 2 seconds which gives the tab for the defense to come close down that space. So if I've got a Defender directly in front of me as the cameras, I'm squaring that camera up and then he cannot move. If I drift off the pass I think close down the space of the next attacking threat. So we must stay Square set the path site the support and pick his line which enables into picking inside shoulder of the next defender on outside shoulder and then it's the weight of pasta transfer that pasta with because without the basics being correct and practicing repetition estate is the secret formula, which I've learnt over a number of years. Everybody's got to feel comfortable on the ball because in transitioning our game, if for example, we defend we force an error our props and everyone in the team, I've got to be comfortable to get the ball in hand and transfer that passed to other spaces ASAP. And once you've got it there, it's then the ability to scan and pick off whether spaces and play to it. Nice. Not so for me the movement should be hands Out to the Ball left done and it's all one motion right to left and it keeps it all nice and fluid and it's all about time. Once you do that to that and readjust your setting that gives time and space for the defense to close down your time and it's their advantage. Whereas if you receive it there to there it's in and out nice and quick. Yeah, so what happens is what you usually find is the defenses are quite regimented and you'll find that each side of each Defender. There's a space of about three meters to exploit. So it's about laven light movements of the trigger of the past. Once the attack in possession cocks the pass and loads it up to pass the attacker will then set his feet either on an inside left foot step or an outside shoulder on the right foot step. And then it's the pass to pick it off. And then what you do is you just pick On the peripheral of our left side, I'll look at the defender. And if he steps in my way of passes every on to an outside shoulder if the defender stays square and the attacker comes late short on an inside line. I went back by softer. So the attack can just put it out there and it looked inside shoulder. So as a ballplayer once I look and say I set the support play nice. He's on this side. I'll be seeing his left hand as a Target. I know if I like that that gives him an opportunity to have the one of two things pull the ball in and friend or set his hands and pass the ball quick in transferring to other spaces if it's a 3 V 2 that's this day squirt.