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Around The Clock Tackling

Set up 5 cones around in a circle. The tackler works out from the first cone to make the tackle. The tackler then backtracks around the next and then comes forward to make the tackle again. Two tackles off the right shoulder, one front on and two off the left shoulder.

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So we're going to do a really good drill to work the tackler little bit harder now, but really focusing on again low tackles between have to get in close, so all that happens. Okay, the defender runs in a straight line Defender. Now, we want that right foot, as you can see, they're getting in probably even closer than that into the midline, okay? Arms are in that composition ready to punch through and then you mix the chopped a called there, okay? Then he's going to get up. Go jog back to this next. Code Defender comes through get that right foot in clothes. Good. Then he goes back into the middle. Okay, now that he's not sure which way the defense is going to go. So he's going to come forward. Good chop tackle and two more. Really good. Last one. And then, they just swap over. Boy that's awesome. Well done. Really good? Really good.