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Attack Grid For All Ages

Progress your passing practises to make them competitive by adding defenders and ore chaos. This attack grid has lots of flexibility and can be used with players of all ages

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Touching preview catch and pass rather than just doing basic handing exercises. You can use to and one games or and progress them to three on two games. So what we've got here is we've got a little Grid or several grids where the players are in there. It's Defenders on the outside two players inside and all they have to do is score as many tries on the line as possible. And as you can see it makes them react very quickly. There's they've got to communicate with each other. The Defenders are going to be quite sharp. So it's just a fun exercise that players will enjoy rather than doing your routine handling without any competition so you can see harlequins here have progressed this into a wider grid and it's a three versus two. They've actually got four players made sometimes even five players in the middle and they have to react really quickly the player that scores the try has to pass the ball off the line straight away. And then the attackers are choosing any direction. To look to score another point. It's a fun game and it keeps them guessing all the time and there's lots of challenges. So it's a bit more chaotic. So rather than structured and that's how players learn because the game itself never repeats itself outside of assets restart outside of a scrum a line out or a kick off. The rest of the game very rarely is identical. So practicing things that are very identical obviously can create good habits. But essentially you have to Denim add pressure and move that into a more chaotic practice and that's what this attack grid is really good at it who decides where we're attacking full carat predominately. I mean guys can feed into him. But if you've got that ball in your hands, you're the man that's going to make that decision where the spaces but it's you know, it's a good little drill for plenty of we go three twos or for V2s, but lots and lots of repetition within a short without huge amounts of running which is really good for the boys and their decision making