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Attack vs Defence Continuous Drill 4V2

The attackers work to beat the defence, setting up a 'tip' (running a hard line) and 'pull back' option. They should read the defensive movements and make a decision to hit the tip option or pull out the back.

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Hi, my name is Tom. Good, hitter be at the University. What we look at today is a continuous attack. Defense continues moving of attack versus defense. We're going to start with the for v2. Defenders. Will come around the cone. We're going to have one Defender, shot fold, and this will start the movement. Then you're gonna have a nine who passed the first receiver that short, the tip pass Runner with a Blindside Winger, or a man at the back. In our option, here to be a bingo with the further attacking player. What we're looking for is the first Over to engaged first offender and we're looking to see whether the tip or the pullback option is on in the fence. We're trying to make sure that they stay connected, this communication around to progress as drill on what we'll do is add an extra Defender and an extra attacking player. And this time, the third Defender becomes quite key in seeing whether they can, you know, whether they can be manipulated to either turn the hips in or are there clever? I have to pass it also adds extra pressure on the attack to make some breeds defending defended as it could be. If the hips are turned in, you play out the back. If the hips are turned out and you play the 10 runaround, so, this is just another way to create a continuous attack - versus defense. Thank you.