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Attacking Shape - 4v1v1v1

This is the start of a series of progressions that takes you through how to set up your attacking shape through multiple lines of defence.

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Charl, okay. So we'll start in the same way for the practice that we did yesterday. So we'll have four Defenders one in each of the boxes. There's tub to lots of for attacking from this end one love for down the bottom so we can continuously go up and down. Okay understand the practice. What were the key things from yesterday we were looking at Sweeper the back what was important about the sweep of the bark when it's past actions for the fit of the sweeper fills in the Gap where the Bulls been picked up from good. There was no Okay, so we're looking the ball carrier to make a decision early move Defender and what else? Hey. Perfect. So we won the same Pace from the first offender beaten to the last Defender beated. Don't slow down. Okay, so what we've got let's set these four guys up. Okay, Tom make a decision which way you're going to go just walk. All right Perfect Right soon as that's done. That's a cue for a certain things to happen. Okay. Everyone has things are going to think about stymie. What are you soon as he's done that what should you be thinking about? Okay, get ready to catch balls your hands up nice and early and where's your line the Run? Fun, just okay, so I would like you I was just saying that you wanted to go. Perfect. So we want him to go nice and tight in there if Josh is seen Tom had dark up there and he seems dummy changes lying to run in tight there. What is it? What's your queue now? What do you do? Go to where Stan was filling the Gap where the space is? Perfect. Okay, if then just let's do that. Stop me walk through. Okay, we've played in that perfect. Now, we've got a new front man just as what stay here. Okay, and the right-wing Billy stays on the left wing TC stands in as a sweeper. Okay, Sammy that has defended to be we do the same thing over again. Okay, so it always reloading into the space ready. Let's go. She's got like good lighting it. Excellent. Oh. I lost one perfect well-executed. Okay, so we were looking at doing with the initial practices of for V 1 V 1 V 1 so we're very good at beating the first offender, but realigning maintaining momentum keeping the ball going forward against a covered advance or a second line of defense if you like, we're not great at so that's what we're looking at doing is continuously continuously realign in and getting back into a formation that we knew what so we knew what was going on. Yeah good. Jen well executed right good stuff, right. The idea. Was that the boys realize that the person with the ball is King. He's the one that actually makes a decision if he doesn't run quickly if it doesn't run with Pace if he doesn't run with direction that it makes it very difficult for the sport in play. If you run slowly with a ball at the Defenders will stand stand still essentially and there's no there's no space if the ball carrier runs with Direction and with purpose then they'll ask questions of the defender moves the fender opens up the space for the sporting players to run into