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Attacking Shape - 4v2v2

While progressing your attacking shape be sure to include this exercise. With 2 waves of defence its crucial that your players learn to reload into a great shape in position.

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Hey, it's come off. First receiver. Who's your second? Who's your left hand man? Who's your Left arm allocate Marcus second to see that our then all is going to be the sleeper in behind it. So what we've got Okay, the sad black we would do in a game. Tez job is exactly the same as a ball carrier the first ball carrier in the Square here. What does he have to do? Take It Forward unlock to get rid, what's he gonna do to this Defender? How's it going to do that? Inside shoulder out social and then we'll exactly the same formation and we try and beat the reform time be the two Defenders and behind you clear what you need to do. So I yeah exactly. So you're going to run harder the Gap all you're going to stand behind going behind it finish big. Scrum-half soon as he gives the ball. Okay, he's going to become the right and support player and he comes in on the inside. Okay, let's go. Make a decision good that's fine as far as fine play. Okay, do you understand so next for line yourselves up? great work laundry laundry laundry laundry line like that is both these groups have done the same thing really good on the first one. What did you do on the second one that everyone just runs straight lines. What are the guys if you're on the outside of that diamond? Okay. What are you supposed to be doing run towards the ball? So if you find yourself, right, that's me. I'm on the right side on the left, but I run towards the ball. Okay, and then we won't have those big long passes. You'll find the execution level goes right up. Okay, let's go. Good now chakra line via line. Good. Well played good luck Marcus. Well done, sir. Good keep running keep running keep running lines lovely. Out to end towards the ball in the second line Jazz. We got to be running towards the ball.