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Ball Presentation Game

Use this game to practice great ball presentation. Ensure the tackling player is bouncing back to their feet so that this mentality carries over to game day.

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Right guys, we're gonna play in this pitch here. Okay, so it's quite a wide pitch but not that long. So a lot of touches lot of turnovers, hopefully, okay a lot of presentation. When you're touched in this gameYou're the defender, you're the attacker When we make that touchThe attacker, you godown on the floor on your chest facing that way defender, soon as he's made the touch you hit the deck as well. Then you'regoing to present the ball long that way, do the work. You're going to jump straight up on your feet.Go over the ruck, bear crawl style.Pick the ball up and pop it pop it to the attacking side. They're going to play on. Okay, so he's almost acts as a little scrum half. Okay, have you got that boys? So attacker hit the deck. Soon as you've done that present long. Defender soon as you've made the touch on your chest work over the ruck pop the ball up. Happy with that? Let's go. You're playing that way. Yeah. Touch there.Hit the deck, defender hit the deck work over. Pass the ball to him. Let's go. Well done. Try there well done, buddy. Let's go hit the deck. That's it. Get over the ball mate come on be quick off the floor, well done. Play on Pick it up.Well done. Don't force that pass there. Just given a try away there. Let's go keep the ball we'll play the other way. Let's go carry on. Let's go play. Who made the touch, hit the deck. Touch hit the deck who made the touch?Turnover. Well done, turn it over leave it there. You're defending now. Leave the ball.Let's sort the defence. Last minute boys last minute. Let's go. Touch therepresent. Who made the touch, hit the deck Over we go ! Well picked off, hold on finish it. Excellent. Well done. Leave it there. What do I want the ball carrier to do? Okay, ultimately present the ball, but that process what we need to do first. That's so ideally fellas, we land on our chestgoing forward through the tackle then what? Then present the ball, okay, turn present the ball long. As long as we can North and South is almost about six foot between the defence and the attack was if you're lazy fellows and get stuck in a ruck of a presenting sideways on there's only a meter or two between defense and attack so we can get the presentation long as we can Two hands ultimately in the end away from contact. Okay, and the defender what do we want defender to do? The person's made that tackle. What do they need to? Get up quick, which is I think think that's what we're missing the moment because in the game if you're on the floor what are you? Useless, out of the game.No good to anybody down there so that what we've got to get the habit of fellas as soon as you made that tackle your straight back up on your feet involving yourself again in the game.