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Bath - Create Quick Ball From Slow Ball

Quick ball is the platform to score tries from and one of the coaches tasks is to understand how to break defences down to create quick ball. Bath are famous for their attacking play and they are happy to share this technique and help others play fast rugby

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Well, that was what we looking at there. So we have the different types of carry that you've got that footwork carry where there's spaces between Defenders and we are trying to encourage the players to get through those holes to distance the defender the other carrying ours of probably slow ball or medium ball, when there's a line, you know, wall of Defenders of lined up in front of you while we're encouraging the guys to do is to get our what we call a Nova's line. So I run straight pick up and over as line almost get pushed by the pass straight into the path of the the the outside attacker and what he does is just joins in nice and early and he looks to basically push you through the contact. So as opposed to just the one on one tackle you end up with a two on one where your second man stays behind him not on the side and really looks to push you through that that line of defense looking for three or four quick yards. Okay, and how important is it that you you attack outside Shoals or late shifting or whatever whatever terminology you why is that important? All right. It's important for us. Either in terms of the delivery of the speed of ball. If you going straight into people it gives them a real opportunity to put you to ground quickly. Even if they soak up a yard to put you to ground quickly and then basically they're in over the top of the ball. So we talked about getting Defenders off their feet. So by getting in between Defenders you Force Defenders to commit to that tackle the best breakdown or the baseball Speeders when there's no one to clean you almost as park over the top and someone can play it away. So by trying to get in between sometimes in between those Defenders with what we're trying to do effectively as get the fenders off their feet,