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Breakdown - The race for space

The battle to dominate the breakdown is often the difference between winning and loosing. This area of the game is always changing so coaches need to regularly learn new things and challenge their players

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Trying to encourage players to clear early. So not necessarily wait for someone to be competing for the ball before they can they can go and protect the ball. So tackling the tackler in essence that were actually looking for attacking players and support to get over the ball as early as possible. Not necessarily wait for a defensive player to be on the ball making it hard work to clear any replacements. Driving it Forward. There was Patterson back from cliff and Cipriani braids. Tackle for mention just going to look at how we we just secure the ball knocks and what we talked about earlier. So as I say go Jack you can come forward and try and times up possession Rory. Just trying it going to try and retain possession. Okay, go. Okay. Good. Okay, so what was that good for Rory hips over the ball is trying to get that the height of that clear as low as possible with obviously plays still being on their feet so that we're encouraging that that's supporting attack to be lower than the If threat don't leave any under our under our chaps to be low is low enough. The right sort of sometimes use a term window the window being the gap between the chest and the player or if players got their hands on the floor and certainly in trying in attack trying to get your your head and shoulders through the window of the defensive players are trying to get underneath the heads under the sternum and rules are you know, traditionally quite high with a pad, you know here, but if you look you know, it's waist height. It's probably far too high. So just using the pad on flat on its back or on its side just to sort of give that that guidance on the height that The Rook should be I'm good. All right. Take the height. That's that's safe. That's going to keep your players legal but is also going to challenge that challenge their height as well and telling their approach into that into that term contact area. That was a victory for owed more than eight years ago. I've got off to a tremendous start here. There's Cliff back to Cipriani, but he didn't have much time that is magnificent from the flyer right on the stroke of half-time.