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Breakdown - Two Man Turnovers

Turnovers at the breakdown is back in the spotlight and the recent Australian performances have highlighted how important they are. Neal Hatley from Bath explains how the role of the 2nd man is key and how to practise the technique

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When we first started at both Mike Ford who was you know, obviously done the England and Ireland International jobs. He sort of said to me look if you had an hour a week for defense, he would put 30 minutes of it into the defensive breakdown just in his opinion and International Rugby at held, you know, what had such a massive role to play in the game. So we differentiate quite substantially and on defensive days. We tend to put a lot of work into the defensive breakdown. What we're trying to do here is just reinforce the role of the second man in okay, so these guys start on either end again, this is something we use at 2030 percent. Okay, so I want you to step this way first. So come straight first and then step second man in He actually goes to ground with him. So you actually grabs in holds him push him to ground goes down with him and then they get up and fight through your job is and reset beautiful. So we got us a question. Can you do this without too much bang? Yes, you can what you're trying to reinforces the second man is if I just walk through as a second man, you're making a tackle. So just stepping in to me is to me to stay here not just to hit and to peel out but to hit again on the leg drop. So just you can just walk it through to me hit stay connected here. Keep my shoulder on him pushing back homeless take him to ground go down with him now get up hips up and then that man comes through and then we can we can fire through. Okay. So that's again reinforcing the second man because the second man's been effective. I cannot get up and I can punch and play the ball through so Defenders like you would in a game again. Defenders are going to have to Let's go. Up through there you go good result. Okay. So as you can see, like what we do is we do probably six or ten or eight or ten of those just at 50% and then the last two would say right now we're going to ramp it up and you've got two opportunities to get it, right? Okay. We'll go. Oh you guys are right go one more one more full, okay. Right fine talk to me about what the second man did. Why what did he do? Yeah, he's pulling this way. Okay. So the role his legs have been chopped. He can't drive anymore. What I said to you inside it really is as simple as if he's up in the air bang it. Okay. We've got over you want to change the tackle or the carrier. We're going to we're going to keep working the same bloke. Okay, let's go. Good recovery manager esit fine. No more than two in the breakdown. Okay, I need to in we want attacker and the second man coming in to be as effective as they can be all right for me. You know, we all don't to put more than two in if if I can't get a positive result out of a two men tackle, you know need to have a look at what we're coaching and from from attacking point of view. Sometimes you see those what we call a pre leech with those guys almost an old-school Flying Wedge when I come in with a 12-block, maybe two blocks behind him for me. That's just the sacrificial leg chop one black goes down. They put three people maybe four people in and you just got right. We're giving up that ground to get him on the next one. Obviously you closer to your line at the changes will but you've got to be a bit more offense of but in the middle third of the pitch if I see three guys leached up there and just once in one guy he makes it like chop, as I said those three or go if your feet potential fourth black comes in they've got four on the floor. I've got one block on the floor. I know in the next phase. I can really go and fetch him aggressively with some launch because I got numbers out of the game the player arriving at the breakdown making a good decision. You know, he may choose not to even contest to break down and reset and go on the far side because that's what the team needs. So I suppose it's trying to get that player to just look at that break down as it's happening and make a decision whether he should either conquer all concede.