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Chaos Grid For Multiple Skills

This practise will challenge all players at all levels, originally seen at Bath RFC in 2012 it is been adapted for all players. The coach can change the width and pressure to fit in with the player abilities. The players love this !

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Here is a an attack grid, there's a few different options of this. This version is where the attackers on the outside and the defenders are on the inside and it's a bit of a chaotic small sided game. Lots of fun, lots of high tempo, lots of skills in play. So rather than just sort of static hands which we'll just start into we'll just do about 60 seconds of static hands maybe 90 seconds and then we'll go into some defenders and then it's up to the coach to establish how much pressure the defenders put on. So the constraint here is that the ball is not allowed to touch their body. It means that they've got to get trying to catch the ball very early. That's the skill I'm working on catch the ball early move the ball early. So there's not a huge amount of pressure on this exercise at the moment. I'm going to add some pressure with some defenders. You defend one and two here and then you'll swoop around defend one and two there. So you're doing both sides. Ready? Go.Okay that group 20 press-ups out the back go on failed. Sami easy, please. Just manage your pressure manage the pressure you put on. So what I'm doing is asking the defenders depending on the skills of the actual attackers to vary their defence. Fours around the outside of the whole grid. So it's the chaos grid should guys round the outside drop this ball? Who expects the ball? Let's play. Well done Darren. Nice good work. Let's go. Great hands Alex, great hands. Why are we waiting? Don't wait. For absolute chaos grid. So the Defenders and attackers can do anything. Loads of different things to work. So it's a good fun exercise. You can use it for a warm up and you can use it for catch pass skills and hand-eye coordination. I'm going to work it. So we've got two Defenders and four tackles on the outside. You can actually make narrow it right down. So you've actually got two Defenders on the outside and just one defending the middle. So little small grid, you can make it even bigger. You cannot open it up to 1520 meters. So it's the coach's choice and the coach's decision on how wide how easy how much pressure you want to operate with this small sided game.