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Chop Tackle - Pad Drill

Aim to develop good tackle habits through repetitive practice. Using pads allows you to train with intensity whilst lowering the impact on the body.

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Hi, my name is Andre. Hey Reg here at University of Birmingham. What we can look at today is a quick tackle drill with Texas yields. Just so you can decrease the intensity, but have the intensity would decrease the impact that you might have. When tackling all you start off with five with players in pairs opposite each other. The attacking player will has the pad. So this is simulator map situation or whether the ball carrier. He will run out one or two pieces, then Step at 45. Grease. The defender. The tackler in the system's is the person who's going to tackle the shield as he runs up towards the shield, the person with the shield puts a shield to a Phi, depending on what side they go. And what we're looking to do for the defender is to get their outside foot up, make outside foot shoulder, wrap and finish, the tackle in a positive position. We can do this as a defensive line have four pads. It's going together and this will try and get them to work their alignment at the same time. Time. And their timing as a group.