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Contact Conditioning Intervals

Get your players ready for contact with these exercises, warming up the body for a season of collisions. Start with 1 minute on 1 minute off and play about with the intervals!

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So this is this is just that physical conditioning. It's just really kind of like getting the boys to really build up their conditioning that's relative to you know areas of the game as well. So it's got different as you can see there's different elements of it that will you would see in a game from tackling from clearing from having to sort of move off the ground deal with, you know, different situations. So it's preparation physical preparation. So they're working on sort of about 30 secs roughly about 30-40 seconds work and then they rest and then their partner takes over go for about the same time and then they move around to the four stations.This one here. It's just working on conditioning. So getting the boys working really really hard to get back to their feet and working under pressure. So just working and using the body to manipulate round and get back to the feet strength. Come on Luke. Come on. Luke work work. Keep going. Let's go again. Keep fighting Luke. Keep fighting. Come on. Move around manipulate good. Use those hips who use those hips. Good. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going keep working. Keep working. Keep working. Go on. Let's go on get up. Good. Come on. Let's go again. Let's go. Let's get down get down get down. Get on it. Get on it. Let's go. Come on. Come on. Keep fighting keep fighting keep fighting good. Let's go roll into it roll into it. Let's go roll into it. Last one. Last one. Let's go. Let's go get on him. Yes, boys. Yes boys. Go straight onto it lift it high drive it low. That's it Bobby. That's it lift it high drive it low. Good. Keep hold of it. I see come on straight on it. That's it. Mate. Good lad good good good drive down pick up and drive down good good and again power power good or good keep fighting you two keep working keep working. Just keep working. Good keep driving all they keep driving. Let's go Mattasget those knees on it make get those knees bent good get those knees bent mate onevery left. Keep it keep it. Good. Keep the Discipline mattas. Good lad. Let's go boys. Keep working keep working. low on approach Ryan. drive high on that bag, low on approach. Low approached Drive hight, high. Good good. Keep going right keep low. Keep low. Low Drive hard drive thru Drive. Hi good. Keep going. Keep going. Good work boys. Yeah, we always want to work on technique obviously and have good technique in what they're doing. But I guess that's not really the focus at this stage. It's more just getting back into training after six weeks off of training. So it's more about getting back the physical fitness. So the High High Reps in a 30 seconds on 30 seconds off. So Works arrest ratio of sort of 121. We try to get the guys that sort of the aerobic base of fitness. And as we sort of progress through generally will increase their rest time to make sure the intensity sort of comes up and the volume comes down building into the season. The bag hits? Yeah. That's just getting your body prepared for the collisions like if in a game obviously we have we have to hit people obviously, we don't want to be doing that. We still got 12 weeks to the season starts. but we're getting used to the impacts on the bags and getting up and down off the floor is a massive part of the game. So it's just all trying to be as relative towards rugby as possible.