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Contact Square - Inside Clear

All attacking players need to fix their opposite defender.

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Hi, my name is Tom drew. It hit right here. The university. What we're gonna look at today is a simple to V2 for man, tackle, drill around the square. You'll have two Defenders one in a suit or one without a super tackler. And one with a pad with a ball, the person of the pad of the ball will pass it across the square to an attacking player. There's attacking player engages. The person of the pan passes it to his support player who uses footwork to balance out of his so-called Defender. We're looking for a Good clean tackle from the defender found side foot shoulder contact, bring it to the ground. Once this happens is a speed race between the defender with the pad and the support player. We're trying to emphasize that the clear outcomes from the inside so that we can hold with on attack and defense. So we want to clear up from the inside. What you're looking for. Is a Defender. Once he's passed the ball to the attack. He then during the defender and acts as a shield for the first. Threat to try and steal the ball and see how that goes. Thank you.