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Continuous Breakdown Drill

This drill takes you through a simple drill where multiple breakdown and contact skills are tested. You'll also be given the reasons why it is practised this way.

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There's a b it of continuity, a bit of decision making as well. I think there's lots of parts.Look at the ball carrier. I believe that the fend is not used a lot in the game as well. So working on that first part of the fend to get away from the defender their tacklesoff shoulder and obviously when the tackle comes going through the tackle with leg drive. Then that decision making of is it free to play the ball to the floor? If not, the second one was targeting the ball and clearing beyond. I just want us to work on our S lineI want us to starthere and use that s line to get through.Okay, so don't want us running straight across through the pads. Want to make sure we're coming on that s line.. Okay. Happy Louis. I don't get Definitely hundred percent. Yeah, so you could you could work in isolation over their just working the fend both sides. the ball coming from the side. Going through that first part the drill then the decision making on the second part if your dominant through the tackle and the hunt Defender doesn't tend to slow the ball down. Is it available to play from the floor? And then the last one is the breakdown if the tackle has been made. There's a body to be shifted and it's shifting that body with low body height.We tend to do just like small amounts. We didn't like small 5-10 minute blocks of most sessions. We tend to do it earlier earlier in the week. We get our contact done and probably do 5 10 minutes every session just sticking over so we get into the right habits. Well, I'm not good good cut it Bob. But yeah, I think it's more game realistic as well because you won't you won't just have like the straight break down you're going to you're going to have a carry before and then you have that element of support as well. So it's more realistic as a game because you're not just going to do a breakdown in isolation and just do one job. It's quite easy to do that. But when you have to be a support Runner first, or you have to anticipate where the ball carrier is going to do before you do the breakdown makes it so much more game relevant. Start in tighter, take that s line. Yeah, here we go. Come on the edge , fend. Good nice. Okay, let's pop off the for that one.Okay. Let's go, s line, fendbeautiful drive pop. Nice, so boys, work on here, depth of the middle guy here. Okay, that's off the ball carrier here. Okay, Get through hold your depth Jack. Hold your depthThere we go Body height, nice and square.