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Defence - Improving Defence Game

A good Defence is about players working in units and staying "Connected". This exercise develops the skills required to improve a players understanding of what to do and when to do it

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All right shoulder Zone only but I'm going to put you under time pressure here. So you got to get organized. All right after each attack what'll happen is three people will attack three people yet. If it's a good tackle, then I'll shout tackle. So you'll turn and you'll defend this lat okay, if they score or whatever then once they're past these yellow cones, they can pop the ball up and the next team attack. All right, you're defending 4A to tax. So what's the key effort here between the defense whatever they got to sort out communication. Why? Yeah, cuz we're organizing if we're talking yet. Okay, what else do I need to get here? Realignment why? Speak up. Yeah, but why would you want a real irony? Why would you want to line here? Yeah harder for your tacit stronger three together is better than 1 1 1 or 1/2. Yeah, so make sure you were concentrating on that effort play. Good tackle. Yeah play Ready play. following through good Tom good play play this Good last one. Then last one. Go ahead go if I'm up here and my mates back there what sort of a line of I got what sort of a defensive line of this week, isn't it? There's holes everywhere. So the first thing I'm going to do is scan where my mated get a line and then we can come forward, you know, he's going to step up as well as me take a pace back, but we've got to try and get this line as quickly as possible. All right, because we're better as a 3 then 1 1 1 communicate that the key thing, isn't it? Yeah. He says I've got him you look after your man. That's it. That's all it takes two words. Yeah, he's mine. Okay play that'll stop a try. Yeah, because he has the confidence in him. We don't have a problem right good chocolate a collapse right get off the