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Defence Philosophy - Collin Osborne

Ex Harlequins coach Collin Osborne walks you through his defence philosophy and explains why your team would benefit from a philosophy or buzzword/phrase!

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Philosophy of our defense anybody I mean it doesn't have to be anything mind-blowingly complicated. All we're talking about is something that everyone in the club, squadthe team can latch on to.All it needs is an all such a buzzword. Every oneswitches on knows what it means and then obviously within that there's an awful lot of detail that has to come believe something that overarching that just brings it together. So for me for us. Winthe ball back that's why we defend we want the ball. Yeah, they've got it, we've got to get it back. Now, having said that there's lots to get it back you need to go through but the overarching principle is we're not just being passive.We want to go actively go and get the ball off them.