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Developing Low Tackle Technique

Here is a new drill from London Scottish that encourages players to stay low in the approach and throughout the tackle

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The drill I did wasthe tackle technique into the position over the ball and the body height into being dynamic into that approach. Last season we were guilty of being far too high and being ineffective in obviously clearing out any threat around that area. What he wanted to do here was kind of develop the boys ability to maintain focus but you know, put them under pressure of getting nice and low, you know and trying to make it relative to the tackle technique. So we find in all areas of the game really, not just in the professional area of the game there's still issues with tackle technique and people trying to grab up here or grab around here. And actually we you know, Steady's got a real focus on really good strong square profile and being able to attack it straight on and keeping nice and low and driving through the tackle and being dominant in that it would also come from his League background and these experience there and I know that they tackle up here and Target the Ball but there's still that dominance to leg drive and go through and and he wants really really good standards from the boys consistently. So it's finding different ways of challenging them to think right. I've got to stay low. I've got a target this part of the body. I've got to maintain this body position before I go into it.