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Farrell & Ford - Spin Passes

The quality of passes from Ford and Farrell to enable Elliot Daley to slide past his defender was the difference in the Wales V England match. The skills required to perfect these passes were honed on the training ground over several years. See what type of drills they did and still do

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It's been a lot of press and discussion around the two processes that led up to Elite. Daily's try in England versus Wild game both those passes from George Ford and Aaron Farrell were absolutely on the money, they fix players and they allowed Elliot daily to get a really nice Arc. He didn't have to hold his run at all to get around and score that fabulous try. So we've got some great tips and ideas here from different coaches from different clubs around what you can do to help your players improve their passing accuracy. Ultimately, we've given them an exercise which they can go and replicate with friends at school on their own excetera. Just so that when you know, when they do get into this situation as they have that, you know have the best possible technique we're going to do and put the ball on the hip. Okay, we're going to spin pass off our hip today. So we want a nice high are both Roars in front of me. We got a nice high elbow, okay. I'm gonna push through I'm finished with our hands at the Target area. If you're receiving a pass, please get a tog up it gives the person who's passing a Target. Doesn't it? We all know these things. It's just getting into good habits. So what we're going to do we're going to give 10 off each hand to start with. Okay what I want it all I want to see and put your other hand out for guidance High elbow push through photo finish. Okay. Both shoulders facing me good. Nice good. Okay, so we're going to pass off our outside foot past number right and pass off our right foot. Okay, we can still have our hand out in front garden it fruit. Push through generate nice little power High elbow photo finish off the hip you start back here. We're all going to get a lovely pass back here and for it through that's what we're doing this drill. So then you become a player who can pass equally as good off both hands. Let's go. That's fine. So we're not we're not brushing off the hip but leaving it the hip just hold it there and it's coming off with the hip nice and gently good. Excellent. We're going to move this onto a to a 200 past now. Okay. So what if you face the clubhouse I'm facing the trees. We'll start nice and close to start with case what ball on the hip high elbow rows facing that way. So it's going to be a backwards pass. Okay. I'm in here right foot right hand to pass pass it through. Okay after hip push it through. Let's go good. Boys a high elbow the powered and get both Roque where our hands finishing crisscrossed where you want the ball to go at the Target area. Okay, excellent. Last Point, okay for passing off a right hand. All right foot forward and I want you to rip it to your wrist. Yeah. It's just the one we're it up try and put that don't just do that. You got to move it but only swinging in a swing out. Point your ball on your hip one hand pass in so you hold it and you hold it. Yep. Hold it like that and you're pushing it. Don't try and just transfer it see that so quickly that got to him. So it's all about a hundred passes off each and every day at least. Okay. What do you reckon 200-300 passes a day 20 minutes your time slot players, you know, I can think of right now that you know, if played Prussia probably played International with you haven't been the most talented players, you know, but they've worked just incredibly hard and all right we join the other group good. Basically, we're just testing the boys off both hands see what their long passings like with their accuracy and it's it's five minutes worth here, but it's more highlighting what they need to work on themselves.